• The years of beginning of operation and basic products development
  • The years of expansion and production increase of Tsujido and Itami Plants.
  • The years of beginning production at Kameyama Plant and overseas expansion
  • The years of full-scale global business expansion



  •  Products
    "ALUMIX," Al complex based grease developed.
  • 1969Event
    Technical tie-up with Cate Oil and Grease Co. in US.
  •  Products
    "KEWDOL," hot rolling oil developed.
  • 1971Products
    "EMULCUT," long service life water-soluble cutting fluid developed.
  • 1973Products
    "MOLYLEX," CVJ grease developed.
  •  Products
    "UNILITE DL," eco-friendly grease for centralized lubricating systems developed.
  •  Products
    "EMULCUT B," series eco-friendly water-soluble cutting fluid developed.
  • 1980Products
    "EMALUBE," high-performance urea grease developed.


  • 1983Event
    The 27th Tribology Study Group Seminar held.
    (the first Tribology Study Group took a break after this seminar)
  •  Products
    "PALMAX," grease for Large size sealed bearing developed.
  •  Products
    "MULTEMP SC series," heat resistant urea synthetic oil based grease developed.
  •  Products
    "MULTEMP ET series," heat resistant urea synthetic oil based grease developed.
  • 1988Products
    "MULTEMP FF series," fluorine grease: renamed FLUOTRIBO series in 2005.
  •  Event
    Tribology Study Group Seminar resumed.
    (the second Tribology Study Group has held its seminar annually since then)
  • 1993Products
    "MULTEMP R," grease for sliding contacts developed.
  • 1994Products
    "MULTICOOL CSF," synthetic water-soluble cutting fluid developed.
  •  Products
    "BIOTEMP," biodegradable grease developed.
  • 1996Event
    KYODO YUSHI USA INC., U.S. local subsidiary established.
  •  Event
    Technical Headquarters and Quality Asurance Dept. of Tsujido Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification.
  • 1997Event
    The 50th anniversary in operation.
  •  Event
    Kameyama Plant obtained ISO 9002 certification.
  • 1998Event
    Kasaoka Plant obtained ISO 9002 certification.
  •  Products
    "AIRLUBE series," mist cutting oil developed.
  • 1999Event
    Singapore Plant: KYODO YUSHI ASIA PTE, LTD. obtained ISO 9002 certification.
  • 2000Event
    Kameyama Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification.
  • 2001Event
    Kasaoka Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification.
  •  Products
    Electric power steering grease developed.
  •  Products
    Urea grease for hot, high speed bearings developed.
  • 2002Event
    New manufacturing site for synthetic oil based grease completed at Kameyama Plant.
  • 2003Event
    New grease manufacturing site completed at Kameyama Plant.
  •  Products
    "AQUADRY," dry film grease developed.
  • 2004Event
    KYODO YUSHI EUROPE B.V. in the Netherlands established.
    (Reorganization of European representative office)
  •  Products
    "FR grease series," Non-fire-spreadable grease developed.
  • 2005Event
    KYODO YUSHI (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD., local company established in China.
  • 2006Event
    Tsujido Plant closed. (operation transferred to Kameyama Plant and Kasaoka Plant)
  •  Event
    Tianjin Jinjiang Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. renamed TIANJIN KYODO GREAT WALL LUBE & GREASE CO.,LTD.
  • 2011Event
    Kameyama Plant began waste grease thermal recycling.
  • 2012Event
    KYODO YUSHI FRANCE SAS established in Limonest, FRANCE.
  • 2016Event
    KYODO YUSHI INDIA PVT. LTD. established in Haryana, India.
  • 2017Event
    The 70th anniversary in operation.
  • 2017Event
    Kameyama Plant renamed Kameyama Office and Plant.