Company Profile

Kyodo Yushi is a manufacturer of lubricants, especially grease, metal and machine oil.
Since our inception in 1936, we have conducted development, production and sales of various types of greases, cutting fluids, grinding oils, rolling oils, plastic working oils and forging oils.
There are 391 employees in Japan.

The company headquarters are located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are two domestic and four overseas production bases.
As overseas bases, there are Group companies in the United States, Netherlands, France, China, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and India, and sales partners in China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Indonesia and Thailand, and we supply our products all over the world.

Our products, evolve from our extensive research and development, are produced using the latest production equipment under strict quality control. We market a wide range of products used in areas such as steel industry, automotive and industrial machinery, to familiar household items.

Utilizing our expertize accumulated over more than 75 years, we put our efforts into research and development of various lubricants, and we will continue to support the present and future of the world industry, aiming to be a leading global company.