Handling & Safety Information

Please note the following when using grease

  • Avoid contamination Contamination may cause abnormal wear and seizure.
  • Do not use above the upper temperature limit. May damage the grease's ability to maintain the semi-solid phase or result in premature life failure by oxidation degradation.
  • Do not allow air (bubble) to enter the grease. Cavitation may cause pumping failure.
  • Avoid mixing of different types of grease. Mixing with other types of grease may cause performance deterioration.

Grease Compatibility Chart

Thickener Calcium soap Aluminium soap Lithium soap Urea
Calcium soap C B B C
Aluminium soap B C I B
Lithium soap B I C C
Urea C B C C

C: Compatible   B: Borderline compatible   I: Incompatible