Excelite is a multipurpose grease, containing carefully selected complex urea as its thickener, medium viscosity purified mineral oil as its base oil.

Characteristics of Excelite

1.Heat resistance
Urea-based thickener contained contributes to extending service life under high temperature environment.
2.Water resistance
Even a harsh condition under environment in the presence of water, the grease functions with no softening due to shear.
Its low apparent viscosity offers high pumpability. It has many track records of use in centralized lubricating systems.

Main applications and applicable components

  • General industrial machinery

Typical Property

Test item Test method Test results
Thickener - Urea
Base oil - Mineral oil
Working penetration ASTM D 217 No.0: 370
No.1: 323
No.2: 280
Service temperature range - −20°C - 200°C
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