Multemp ET-R

High-temperature, long-life grease using ether synthetic oil as its base oil and urea thickener. Multemp ET-R is usable over higher temperature range compared to other synthetic oil (ester or PAO) based common greases.

Characteristics of Multemp ET-R

1.High temperature and long service life properties
Superior in heat resistance and oxidation stability. The grease has resistant to oxidation caused by application at high temperature or a long period of use, controlling quality change in the grease.
2.High in adhesion
For its urea based thickener, the grease is superior in adhesiveness, resulting in less spattering and leaking.
3.Chemical stability
Highly resistant to chemicals and NOx.

Main applications and applicable components

  • General industrial machinery

Typical Property

Test item Test method Test results
Thickener - Urea
Base oil - Ester oil
Working penetration ASTM D 217 280
Service temperature range - −40°C - 200°C
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