Multemp SB-M

Enhanced version of Multemp SRL, which is widely used for motor bearings, in terms of temperature and service life. Multemp SB-M has excellent properties in silence and seizure resistance.

Characteristics of Multemp SB-M

1.Low Noise Property
Keeps bearings' silent property, having no negative impact on automatic acoustic inspections.
2.Long Life
Its thickener molecules containing no metal, the grease is superior in oxidation resistance, contributing to longer lubrication life at high temperature.
3.Low Torque Property
Brings less torque loss derived from the grease used for bearings. The grease controls heat generated by stirring, realizing excellent seizure resistance. Applicable to high speed rotating bearings as well.

Main applications and applicable components

Especially meets high-temperature, high-speed requirements of small diameter bearings.

  • Home appliances (Cleaner motors, etc.)
  • Automotive parts (Radiator fan motors, etc.)
  • Power tools (Electric cutters, etc.)

Typical Property

Test item Test method Test results
Thickener - Diurea
Base oil - Synthetic hydrocarbon oil
Working penetration ASTM D 217 220
Service temperature range - −40°C - 200°C

Low Noise Property

Anderon acoustic testing demonstrates that compared with a conventional grease, MULTEMP SB-M shows small oscillating quantity and much better low noise property. The grease makes no negative impact on automatic acoustic inspection.

Anderon acoustic test: from beginning to 5 sec.

Anderon acoustic test: from beginning to 5 sec.
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