Fluotribo AR-P

fluorinated grease developed for electrical contacts. In a demanding automotive parts market, electrical contacts have higher requirements on low temperature chattering. Containing fluorine oil, which excels in temperature-viscosity characteristics, FLUOTRIBO AR-P ensures electric continuity at low temperature without chattering.

Characteristics of Fluotribo AR-P

1.Chattering prevention
Ensures electric continuity as its viscosity shows less degree of increase at low-temperature.
2.Arc resistance
Keep contacts function as it generates no carbide caused by arc.
3.Heat resistance
It resists to heat higher than common contact greases do, the grease remains unaffected by the heat during manufacturing process.
4.Low temperature torque performance
Excels in torque performance in low temperature environment.

Main applications and applicable components

  • Electrical contact points for very small and large currents
  • Lubrication points of plastic-plastics, and plastic-metal. Especially for points, which are subjects to influence of torque loss caused by grease.

Typical Property

Test item Test method Test results
Thickener - PTFE
Base oil - PFAE
Working penetration ASTM D 217 340
Service temperature range - −70°C - 250°C
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