Oct. 2012Announcement 2012 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

We participated in 2012 CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEARING INDUSTRY EXHIBITION (sponsored by China Bearing Industry Association), which was held at Shanghai Expo Theme Pavilion for four days from 20th to 23rd September. As one of the largest specialised exhibitions, this 13th annual event featured exhibits by about 700 bearing manufacturers and bearing related companies from both inside and outside China, and attracted more than 50,000 visitors. We displayed the technologies of our new products and main products, and received many visitors over the duration of the exhibition.

Jul. 2012Announcement Exhibited at Techno-Frontier 2012

Exhibited at the "TECHNO-FRONTIER 2012" motor technology exhibition (sponsored by the Japan Management Association) held at Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition between 11th to 13th July. This specialist technical exhibition is held every year, and gathers elemental electronic and mechatronic technologies in areas such as motors, power, green energy and next-generation materials. Kyodo Yushi introduced its products such as "Raremax Super" grease for industrial motor bearings that achieves long lubrication life and energy saving, and "Unimax R" used in the Tokyo Sky Tree elevator traction machines as bearing grease, and many attendees visited our booth every day.

Apr. 2012Event Presented at the 6th Asia-Pacific Base Oil Conference (Macau, China)

Our technical staff gave a presentation at the 6th Asia-Pacific Base Oil Conference held in Macau, from 4th to 6th March, 2012, with the title "Urea Grease-Research and Product Development", concerning the thickening of the EHL oil film of urea grease and improvements of acoustic properties. The conference was held for downstream (from refining to sales) oil industry executives, and this time had the theme "value creation, growth and sustainability: challenges and opportunities". 20 presentations were made by selected industry business leaders, global experts and innovative leaders. Approximately 130 participants attended from related industries from all over the world, and at the conference every company seemed to focus on Asia, the world's most powerful market.

Feb. 2012Event The 23rd Tribology Study Group

The 23rd Tribology Study Group was held at Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center on 27th January, 2012. [With Kyodo Yushi as Secretariat and Dr. Yoshitsugu Kimura, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and Kagawa University, as chairperson.] The theme of the conference was "Tribology adapting to increasingly diverse global needs" and speakers from different industries gave lectures on latest relevant technologies.

Feb. 2012Event Kyodo Yushi engineer presented at the 18th International Colloquium Tribology

Kyodo Yushi engineer presented a paper on Magneto-Rheological Grease at a plenary session (presentation of research papers recognized for their academic excellence) of the 18th International Colloquium Tribology held at Technische Akademie Esslingen in Germany from 10th to 12th January, 2012.
Held every two years, the International Colloquium Tribology is the Europe's largest conference on tribology, where over 600 engineers participate from all over the world.
The study on magnetorheological grease is carried out jointly with Yokohama National University under the "Comprehensive Support Programs for Creation of Regional Innovation" (by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). In addition to having the advantage of being able to control magnetic particle sedimentation for a longer time than magnetorheological fluid, the developed grease is unique in that shear stress is greatly increased instantly when the grease is subjected to a magnetic field. Shear stress can be controlled by varying the magnetic field intensity, which gives rise to a variety of possible applications such as power transmission and vibration absorption. This innovative technology gained the attention of researchers from around the world.

Feb. 2012Corporate Establishment of local subsidiary in France

Our sales office in Lyon was relocated to a suburb of Lyon called Limonest, and incorporated in France as Kyodo Yushi France SAS.