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Jun. 2010Product Spacelube - Space grease of new composition based on cyclopentane oil

Grease to be used in space environment or under high vacuum is required to have low vapour pressure. Spacelube uses multiply-alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) as base oil. MAC, or more commonly called cyclopentane, has extremely low vapour pressure compared to many other types of synthetic hydrocarbon oil. Spacelube has excellent wear/friction resistance characteristics, outstanding radiation resistance and low outgassing characteristics, all of which are essential requirements for use in space environment. Following the successful completion of the two-year verification test on experimental systems of SERVIS-1 by Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer (USEF) for New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Spacelube was adopted for use in the paddle drive mechanism of bus system for Venus Climate Orbiter "Akatsuki (Planet-C)" on its launch on 21st May, 2010. With a proven track record in JAXA and other space projects, Spacelube is expected to expand its application to many other space and high vacuum equipment experiencing technological problems with fluorinated grease, as well as to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other vacuum equipment.

Jun. 2010Product FR Grease - Flame retardant grease for centralised system by new formulation and new manufacturing process

From a fire-safety standpoint, resistance to ignition or spread of fire is recently becoming an important requirement of grease for industrial machinery applications. FR Grease we developed for centralised system can retard fire spread without compromising the lubricity. For the creation of FR Grease, base oil and additives were selected according to strict criteria with an emphasis on the property to prevent generation of combustible gas at high temperature, and a new manufacturing process was developed to ensure flame retardancy of the grease. FR Grease was developed based on our new finding that control of combustible gas generation is an effective way to put out flame when grease catches fire. Self-extinguishing FR Grease can provide safe operating environment for industrial machines where fire potential is a concern.

Jun. 2009Announcement Regarding the "2009 Japanese Society of Tribologists Technology Award"

"New compositions for grease
for space applications based on
From left, Hiroshi Kimura,
Yuji Oonuki
"New compositions and
manufacturing methods
for anti-fire centralized
lubrication grease"
From left, Makoto Hayama,
Takashi Hanzawa, Minoru Namiki

We announce that we received the 2009 Technology Award from the Japanese Society of Tribologists for the two themes of "new compositions for grease for space applications based on cyclopentane" and "new compositions and manufacturing methods for anti-fire centralized lubrication grease" in collaboration with Toshiba Corporation, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems, Ltd. and the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School.

The word "Tribology" stems from the combination of the Greek "tribos" meaning "rub" and "ology" meaning science. It was first proposed on 9th March, 1966 report by the UK Ministry of Education on research into economic losses in the UK due to lubrication and to conduct proposals to industry on the need for such research. The Japanese Society of Tribologists was established in 1956 with the aim of advancing tribology related technology, and the "Technology Award" is given to new products or technologies that are recognized for originality, novelty, quality or excellent performance in their field, and that can be expected to contribute to society in the future.

Introduction of award-winning technology

Jun. 2009Event The 4th World Tribology Congress (WTC 2009) conveyed a strong message to people both at home and abroad that Tribology is the key to technical innovations in the 21st century

The 4th World Tribology Congress (WTC 2009) was held at Kyoto International Conference Center for six days from 6th to 11th September, 2009. This largest and the first WTC in the Asia-Pacific region focused basically on such themes as ecology, economy and energy, and attracted more than 1,400 registered participants from 60 countries, the most in its history. Nearly 900 technical presentations were given. At the Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall, technical exhibition was held with the concept of "Energy Conservation / Eco Technologies in the World - Messages for the Next Generation," where tribology-related products and technologies were demonstrated from many fields such as automobiles, electronics, machinery, lubricants and testing/measuring equipment. The exhibition was open to the public and had over 7,000 visitors including elementary, junior high and high school students. It provided an excellent opportunity for many people to feel a closer connection to the tribology.

Kyodo Yushi gave six presentations, held a luncheon seminar, participated in symposia and set up a booth introducing our technical development projects and technologies. We were very pleased to have welcomed so many visitors.

We would like to sincerely thank all who participated in the WTC 2009.

Mar. 2008Corporate New company name for our joint venture in China

Effective March 2008, our joint venture in China is called Tianjin Kyodo-Great Wall Lube & Grease Co.,Ltd.

Jun. 2007Corporate New Tsujido R&D Center and corporate headquarters

Our new headquarters building that includes R&D center was completed in Tsujido, Kanagawa, the birthplace of our company. The relocation will start on June 11 for all the functions at Tsujido laboratory and Tsujido office to R&D Center, and on July 9 for all the functions at Ginza Sales division and Headquarters to the new headquarters. Manufacturing operations in Tsujido have already been moved to Kameyama Plant and Kasaoka Plant.

[ Tsujido R&D Center and Corporate Headquarters ]
Location 2-2-30, Tsujido Kandai, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Site area 7,000m2
Total floor area 9,113m2
Structure steel construction 4 stories