Nov. 2011Event International Tribology Conference (ITC) Hiroshima 2011

"International Tribology Conference (ITC) Hiroshima 2011" took place at International Conference Center Hiroshima from 31st October to 3rd November. Over 600 engineers and researchers from around 30 countries participated in the event, where 90 technical sessions were held and about 450 papers were presented, including poster presentation. Exhibition space was also provided for display by tribology related companies and organizations.
Kyodo Yushi took part as both presenter and exhibitor. We presented a paper titled "Monitoring Lubricating Conditions with Grease in Ball Bearings" and other two papers, and showcased energy-saving low CO2 emission motor bearing grease and newly developed space grease.

Nov. 2011Corporate Establishment of Sales Office of Kyodo Yushi Europe (KYE) in France

KYE (headquartered in the Netherlands), a Kyodo Yushi's affiliated company functioning as a base of our operations in Europe, opened a sales office in Lyon, France, for the strengthening of sales and the improvement of service in the southern France and northern Italy area.

Oct. 2011Product "Greases for vacuum" Product Brochure

The brochure provides information about "Fluotribo VAC," fluorinated grease designed for lubrication in vacuum environment, and "Spacelube series," cyclopentane oil based grease with excellent resistance to friction, wear and radiation.

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Oct. 2011Product Newly developed "Ultrahigh Vacuum Lubricants" (Introduced at Innovation Japan 2011)

Kyodo Yushi developed grease and lubricating oil for ultrahigh vacuum applications. They are formulated with carefully selected ionic liquid, an effective alternative to fluorinated oil and cyclopentane oil, which have been used as base oil for vacuum lubricants but known to have some drawbacks.

The total mass loss (TML) of the newly developed lubricants is equal to or lower than 1.0%, which means they meet the TML criterion used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Their other merits include the same level of low-temperature viscosity at -40°C as fluorine-based lubricants, good gamma radiation resistance, and as good friction and wear properties as cyclopentane oil based lubricants. We work with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) toward practical use of these lubricants. It is expected that the technology is not just for space applications but will also be used for other vacuum applications such as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment.

For the research and development of the ultrahigh vacuum lubricants, we were chosen from among general public entries for the award of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project implemented by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Kyodo Yushi presented this technology at "Innovation Japan 2011" held at Tokyo International Forum from 21st to 22nd September, 2011.

Oct. 2011Announcement 2010 Japanese Society of Tribologist Technology Award

We are pleased to announce that our joint development of noise-reducing grease with Denso received the 2010 Technology Award from Japanese Society of Tribologist.

Oct. 2011Event The 2nd China-Japan Advanced Forum on Tribology

The 2nd China-Japan Advanced Forum on Tribology was held in Luoyang, Henan China, from 15th to 18th April, 2011 (hosted by Japanese Society of Tribologist and Tribology Institute of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society), following on from the first event held at Iwate University in Morioka in July 2010. Researchers and engineers of Japan and China working in the relevant field gathered together, and gave presentations on the current tribological activities. Four Kyodo Yushi engineers attended the forum, and gave the keynote speech titled, "Urea Grease - New Horizon of Grease Lubrication." This time there were a larger number of Chinese participants, and it was felt that technological development and growing interest in the field of tribology are taking place in China.