Jul. 2016Corporate Completion of new manufacturing facility for synthetic oil grease

Kyodo Yushi has completed construction of a new manufacturing facility on the premise of Kameyama Plant. The facility has been established to manufacture synthetic oil greases applied to automotive parts. The manufacturing facility will commence operation in series from now on.

Aim of new manufacturing facility
  • The new facility is aimed at filling demands for synthetic oil grease for automotive market as the market is anticipated growing in the future.
  • To manufacture synthetic oil grease under cleaner environment.
  • To visualize manufacturing process and enhance traceability to realize more effective process management.
  • To automate manufacturing process and improve production control to avoid human error.

New plant outline
Location 1778-31 Tamurachô, Kameyama-shi, Mie 519-0213, Japan
Building area 594.27m2 (Total floor area : 2,239.14m2 )
Main products Various synthetic oil greases for automotive parts
Measures for environmental and energy-saving Newest energy-saving equipment used for lightings, electrical equipment and heat sources for heating
  • LED lighting system for the whole floor
  • Highly efficient transformers, air-conditioning equipment
  • Saving-energy type boilers

Apr. 2016Corporate Establishment of Kyodo Yushi Lub-tec Shanghai Ltd. (technical service center)

We are pleased to announce that we have established Kyodo Yushi Lub-tec Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai, China as our technical service center with functions of sales and technical support, aiming to accommodate diversifying customers' needs in China, the world's largest market.

Apr. 2016Corporate Establishment of KYI (KYODO YUSHI INDIA), joint company for sales

KYI (KYODO YUSHI INDIA PVT. LTD.), a joint company for sales, was established in Haryana, India, for the strengthening of sales in the market in India who enjoys high economic growth rate with the world second population.

Feb. 2016EventThe 27th Tribology Study Group was held

The 27th Tribology Study Group was held at Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center on 22nd January, 2016. [With Kyodo Yushi as Secretariat and Dr. Yoshitsugu Kimura, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, as chairperson.] The theme of the conference was "Maximizing development of tribological evaluation technology in designing" and speakers from different industries gave lectures on the latest relevant technologies.